Thursday, April 29, 2010

Webinar Registration: Deliver Federation Projects with Virtual Directories

In some studies, enterprises are spending up to 60% of their IT budgets on operational costs thus impacting the available budget to spend on innovation. The challenge we all face in the identity and IT departments is how to get the most out of our existing licenses and reduce cost where possible in delivering IT projects. One of the costly areas of projects is getting at identity data when it lives in legacy applications. This is especially true when you look at Federation projects.

If you are running a Federation project and have to access identity data in legacy or disparate data sources, this webcast is for you! Virtual directories provide a critical tool for Federation projects as they allow you to expose identity attributes without changing code in legacy applications. Additionally, you have control over how the data is accessed allowing you to manage sensitive service level agreements which can cause difficult political battles in organizations when discussing access.

Register here for this webinar and we will look at ways virtual directories can help you deliver that Federation project and make you an Identity Hero!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iron Man 2, Identity Security and Access Management in the Cloud

If you are a security expert and you have not been to the new Oracle Iron Man 2 website you have to take a look at the cool demo site listed under "Stark Expo". The intro has a great security questionnaire on Security in the cloud in an cutting edge interface. If you read yesterday's blog, and went to the Iron-Clad Cloud: Secure Cloud Computing article in the new Security Newsletter, you were able to get an insight into way's Oracle can help secure the cloud. You will also do well on the questionnaire at "Stark Expo".

Go Check it out!

In Iron Man 2, Oracle is a proud sponsor of
Stark Expo, a world-class tradeshow that depends on a cloud computing
architecture to ensure that all systems are free from overload. And
that’s where you come in: by becoming a Master Cloud Operative, you’ll
help keep Stark Expo up and running. Complete your training, test your
troubleshooting skills, and get certified in the Oracle Pavilion.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Iron-Clad Cloud: Secure Cloud Computing with Oracle Identity Management 11g

As organizations continue to leverage the cloud for essential business applications and services the provisioning and security of identity data becomes an essential compliance requirement. Oracle's new Security Newsletter has an article that provides information on critical approaches to security in the cloud.

One solution to the security problem with cloud services can be overcome using Service Oriented Security. The Oracle approach to using Service Oriented Security allows developers to pull from a centralized, authoritative source of identity services. This allows developers to build security into every application from the inside-out. This is critical to ensuring this is done in a standardized manner and most importantly it allows developers to develop without being security experts.

The "Iron-Clad Cloud: Secure Cloud Computing" article in this quarter's Security Newsletter is a great place to start when looking for information on how to use these tools to improve the security for your organizations cloud services. You will also find articles on database security and other bloggers who are sharing data about the security industry and Oracle's thought-leadership.

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Oracle Security Newsletter

Oracle Identity and Database Security Teams have created a new Security Newsletter. The Newsletter launches this week and will be distributed to customer's who have signed up for the Newsletter via

In each edition, you'll find news, blog posts, events, webcasts, and much more covering Oracle's Security Solutions. Whether your focus is on identity management or database security, each issue will be filled with the information you need to secure your database, middleware, and applications, and meet IT compliance requirements.

In this inaugural version of the newsletter you will find content on:You can see the entire newsletter here

Register for future versions of the newsletter by following the directions here. You can also see samples of all the different newsletter content that is available to stay current and aware of the latest leading news from Oracle.