Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where to Download OAM Components

Many Oracle Access Manager customers have asked "Where do I download the latest OAM patchset?" or more specifically "Where do I download the webgate for insert webserver name and version running as a insert 32-bit or 64-bit application on insert OS platform name and version ?"

Due to the many possible download locations, there is no simple answer to any such questions. Hence, I decided to post a guide to finding all OAM 10.1.4.x component packages.

OAM base installers can be downloaded here:
  • In the row marked "Oracle Access Manager".

OAM patchset (latest version as of this post) can be downloaded here:
Metalink Patch Number 5957301
  • Make sure to select the appropriate platform.

Index of all OAM 10.1.4.x 3rd Party Packages including webgates and connectors is here:
  • At the bottom of the page labeled as "Index of Released Oracle Access Manager 10.1.4 3rd Party Packages (PDF)" or use this direct link here.
  • The index lists all the package names and download locations of all OAM 10.1.4.x 3rd party packages. The last column labeled as "Link" states the download locations.
    • If the download location indicates something like IBM CD2 or Linux CD1, please go to the following link and look in the row "Oracle Access Manager - 3rd Party Integration".
    • If the download location indicates "Oracle Access Manager CDs", then the package is bundled with the OAM base installers. Download location for the base installers is listed above.
    • If the download location indicates Patch , please log into Oracle's metalink here In the Quick Find section choose "Patch Number" and enter the patch number as indicated in the index PDF.
  • Please note that the index will be updated regularly as new packages are released.
I hope this is helpful for everyone. Please look forward to more helpful OAM tips and tricks in the near future.

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