Monday, November 17, 2008

Fraud Flash for the week of November 17, 2008

Oct. 24, 2008
'Phishing' fraud e-mails hit Huskymail accounts
Over the last couple of months, an e-mail fraud attempt known as phishing has hit the university's e-mail server, putting thousands of students at risk, according to a report released earlier this week on the university's information and technology security Web site.

Nov. 17, 2008
Celent Tackles Insider Fraud
Insider fraud accounts for 60 percent of bank fraud cases where a data breach or theft of funds has occurred, yet in the last three years, just nine percent of financial services data breaches were a result of insider fraud.

ID Thieves Are Targeting Home Equity Lines
The FBI says HELOC thieves typically use stolen identification to apply online for a line of credit in your name. Then they instruct the bank to wire the funds to their accounts, providing their own contact information in place of yours.

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