Monday, May 18, 2009

Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on Suite version

The new version of the Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on Suite version is officially released and is posted to OTN for download. Check it out.

Product Download on OTN :
Docs for :

Here are some of the new features in this release that is worth exploring

  • New ESSO-LM User Interface
  • Updated Change Password User Interface
  • Administrative Improvements
    • Notification Service
    • Do not Add Predefined Templates to Bulk-Add by Default
    • Avoid Sending Admin Overrides for Certain Registry Keys
    • Domain Password Validation for Credential Sharing Groups
    • Infrastructure to Support Reporting Server
  • Authentication Enhancements
    • New Windows Logon v2 Installer Options
    • Network Provider Support for Windows XP and 2000
    • Share Authenticator Credentials with Synchronizer
    • LDAP v1 Logon Method now supports multiple Active Directory domains.
  • Newly Supported Systems
    • PuTTY v0.60
    • Newhart Systems BLUES 2000
    • Jolly Giant QWS3270 PLUS v4.4
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0
    • Siemens DirX Directory v8
    • IBM Lotus Notes 8.0.1

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