Thursday, April 29, 2010

Webinar Registration: Deliver Federation Projects with Virtual Directories

In some studies, enterprises are spending up to 60% of their IT budgets on operational costs thus impacting the available budget to spend on innovation. The challenge we all face in the identity and IT departments is how to get the most out of our existing licenses and reduce cost where possible in delivering IT projects. One of the costly areas of projects is getting at identity data when it lives in legacy applications. This is especially true when you look at Federation projects.

If you are running a Federation project and have to access identity data in legacy or disparate data sources, this webcast is for you! Virtual directories provide a critical tool for Federation projects as they allow you to expose identity attributes without changing code in legacy applications. Additionally, you have control over how the data is accessed allowing you to manage sensitive service level agreements which can cause difficult political battles in organizations when discussing access.

Register here for this webinar and we will look at ways virtual directories can help you deliver that Federation project and make you an Identity Hero!

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