Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 5: Oracle Open World Wrap

I had a great time this week at Oracle Open World. It is quite a show with over 47K attendees spread over 4 city blocks with great sessions and conversations about Identity Management and many other cutting edge technologies. I am definitely in powerpoint overload and would be happy not to see another slide for awhile but the information was great! We have collected some of the photos from the sessions up on our Facebook page here. Here is just one of the pictures from the concert on Treasure Island with the Black Eyed Peas, The Steve Miller Band and Don Henley. I heard someone say "it was the greatest corporate concert ever!"

The presentations were all taped and should be up on the website shortly. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. If you followed us on Twitter, please let us know what you think by sending us messages.

The Verizon presentation on Directory Server Enterprise Edition and using Fracational Replication was a highlight for me. It should have been scheduled earlier in the week so that more people could have attended. Verizon has one of the largest directory deployments in the world with 40+ million identities and many partners and LOB's using it as their repository. The Verizon deployment is also a great example of using Fractional Replication to empower LOB's with their own identity repository but allowing the central team to maintain the control over the data. Verizon is also a great example of using SSO to reduce cost and maintain a great User Experience across many different portals. Madhu, thanks for sharing such great information with the identity management community. I will post the presentation once it is available on the website.

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