Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oracle Security Online Forum & RSA Conference

February is a great month! Not only did we get to see a great Super Bowl last weekend between Pittsburgh and Green Bay but we have the inaugural Oracle Security Online Forum (Feb. 24) and the RSA Conference at Moscone Center (Feb. 14-19). Yes, this means that Valentines Day will be celebrated in San Francisco - great reason to bring the wife along - but also that a large number of security geeks will be in the city as well.

We will have a booth at the RSA Conference and we have over 40 people involved in the show speaking, attending and participating. Please feel free to drop by and let us know what you are working on or to get questions answered. This is one of the best collection of security professionals in the industry so don't miss the opportunity to participate.

The Oracle and Accenture Security Online Forum, Thursday Feb. 24, will be a virtual seminar with security leaders from Oracle and Accenture sharing insights on how to secure enterprise assets. Here are some of the great speakers from the event but for a complete list and to register go here.
  • Mary Ann Davidson, Oracle’s Chief Security Officer—on industry-leading standards, technologies, and practices that ensure that Oracle products—and your entire system—remain as secure as possible.

  • Jeff Margolies, Partner, Accenture’s Security Practice—on key security trends and solutions to prepare for in 2011 and beyond.

  • Vipin Samar, Vice President of Oracle Database Security solutions – on new approaches to protecting data and database infrastructure against evolving threats.

  • Tom Kyte, Senior Technical Architect and Oracle Database Guru—on how you can safeguard your enterprise application data with Oracle’s Database Security solutions.

  • Nishant Kaushik, Oracle’s Chief Identity Strategist on how organizations can look to Oracle Identity Management solutions to help them reduce fraud and streamline compliance.
I hope you will join us at one of the events this month to share, learn and participate. There are exciting times facing security professionals and sharing and participating is how we all learn more about how to have a better and more successful business impact.

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