Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oracle Security Token Service – Single “thread of identity”

We are getting ready to roll out our next generation product called Oracle Security Token Service (Oracle STS), which will become the hub for brokering trust and authentication in a typical enterprise deployment. Oracle STS will help solve the identity propagation problems that we see these days in most enterprises.

Many customers have already deployed or in the process of deploying an Access Management solution to address their single-sign-on needs for their intranet and extranet users. The next level of access management problem that is trending is towards facilitating the user’s authenticated identities through multiple business systems and processes so applications can make smart decisions based on user’s identity.

In a typical enterprise environment, the applications users will have to interact with various types of applications in a distributed environment, deployed on multiple application platforms, spanning across multiple security domains. A single “thread of identity” is becoming a requirements to facilitate better and seamless user experience at the same time simplify the integration and deployment of these distributed applications and environments.

Oracle STS can be deployed as a shared service that provides a standard-based consolidated mechanism of trust brokerage between different identity domains and infrastructure tiers which can help bring down the overall cost through centralized administration, increasing end-user productivity and providing improved application security and trust enforcement through standards

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