Thursday, June 26, 2008

The 3 “W”s of Oracle ESSO

In a typical heterogeneous enterprise environment, there may be a number of applications running off a multitude of systems and machines a user may have to access on a daily basis. The business challenges of provisioning and mandating these users across different systems and applications drives an enterprise for a better Identity Management and Single Sign On solution.

1. What is Oracle ESSO?

Oracles Enterprise single sign-on(ESSO) solution is an OEM product from Passlogix, rebranded to provide an Oracle look and feel. Oracle has been selling the ESSO product for almost 1.5years now and we have more than 200+ customers who have adopted this product as part of their Oracles identity and Access Management Solution for their enterprise.

2. Why Oracle ESSO?

All enterprises are looking for a way to support password management, Identity Management, Strong Authentication for their users at the same time adhere to compliance thereby Eliminate the hidden end user costs associated with compliance driven initiatives.

Oracle ESSO with Oracles Identity Management solution provides a way for a user in an enterprise the ability to access all of his applications through a single authentication event and do a Self-service password management. For network administrators it helps to set, assign, securely store, and change these passwords from a single point of control.

Oracle ESSO provides Out-of-the-box support for 90% of enterprise applications (like Web, Windows, Java, Applet, Mainframe and host based applications), and can be configured with all others within 15 minutes and is very easy to deploy. Oracle ESSOs GUI-based administrative console provides wizard-based configuration and control over all settings and users, which is a unique, feature that differentiates this products from the competitive products in the market.

3. Where to download Oracle ESSO?

Oracle ESSO suite v10. is the current latest version of the product and it is available for download under a developer’s license at the Oracle Technology network(OTN):download:

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