Monday, June 30, 2008

What to look for in an ESSO solution?

Enterprises have a need to provide better user experience at the same time decrease the extensive administration costs and increase security and privacy for the users. These business challenges drives an enterprise for a better Identity Management and Enterprise Single Sign On (ESSO) solution. Here are some of the things to looks for in an ESSO solution

1. Web-based access management SSO: Web-based access management solution can include an SSO capability for Web-based applications. With Web-based SSO, the user supplies a credential. The Web server validates the password with a central credential server. If a match is found, the user is granted access to the Web-based application or system.

2. Desktop/Mainframe/Host Applications access Management SSO: The ESSO solution should provide access to all desktop applications (ex: windows/Solaris) Mainframe applications (example 3270, 5250), and Host applications (example Telnet). Provide users to use multiple emulators and multiple emulator sessions simultaneously. Supports user needs to both logons and password-change for desktop applications and allow administrators to add mainframe/desktop applications and configure them and easily deploy them to users.

3. Java Applications & Applets access Management SSO: Provide users access to AWT and Swing and standalone Java Applications and Applets

4. User’s Credential Synchronization: Provide a way to replicate the user's credentials (example username, password) automatically across all applications and resources.

5. Event Logging and Reporting: Provide ESSO administrator’s logs and report on application usage. Provide network administrators comprehensive reports on password-related activity, showing who used passwords, what applications they accessed, where, and when.

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