Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oracle Entitlements Server Now Available

I'm glad to announce that we have released Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) this week. OES came to Oracle via the BEA acquisition (where it was called AquaLogic Enterprise Security).

OES is a fine grained entitlements management product that allows you establish policies for how users can interact with and access things inside your applications and services. We call it "fine grained" entitlements because OES can protect anything inside an application; user interface elements, server-side transactions, database columns and rows, even "business" things like Reports, and Accounts.

OES (or 10gR3 for short) is the result of several years of refining this product based upon tons of customer feedback. This release (aside from now having a new name and Oracle logo) has a couple of stand-out features:

1. Support for large policy sets and easy Delegated Administration. In OES we can now separate massive policy stores across multiple organizations and applications. Many OES (ALES) customers are setting up enterprise-wide authorization service layers and need a central place to manage policies for multiple LOB applications without everything in the same namespace. OES now has this ability to partition policies according to use and placement in the organization.

2. SharePoint protection. OES now ships a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) that plugs into a MOSS 2007 environment to perform fine grained entitlements for web pages, web parts, lists, documents and other SharePoint "stuff".

3. Policy Simulation. The OES administration console now has a powerful simulation tool that lets a policy admin try out various scenarios and test policies without having to write an actual application to use them.

You can try out OES by downloading it from OTN here.

Also there is more information on OES here.

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