Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oracle Identity Federation 11g is Now Live

We launched Fusion Middleware 11g today. It's not just announcements - the software is ready to download.

There is more information on the updated Identity Management site.

It's a major milestone for Oracle Identity Federation reflecting over 2 years of work.

So what is new?

First - all 11g Identity Management components are now integrated with Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control (EMFMC). EMFMC provides customers with operational monitoring (is the server up/down, how is it performing) and is the single point of access for logging and auditing.

Second - Oracle Identity Federation now is a J2EE app and comes deployed on Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.1 OOTB.

Third - we introduced a new unified architecture across all protocols - Oracle Universal Federation Framework. It is much easier now to plug the OIF into existing environments and to build integration extentions.

To learn more about the benefis of the new version, visit the product documentation site.

Over the next few posts - I will continue to provide more information of OIF 11g.

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